VI. And What Are We Going To Do About It?

After we have looked at all of the evidence and the Scriptures and given some application, it is time to summarize the problem and present the question that I wished to raise from the beginning.

First of all, Dr. Kraft, Dr. Wagner, and the other spiritual warlords are turning to extra-biblical and demonic sources in order to substantiate their teachings concerning exorcism and territorial spirits. Doing this places them under the definitions of magic and divination that I have cited at the beginning of the paper.

Second, in Deuteronomy 18 and Isaiah 8 the Bible clearly forbids any kind of divination, that is turning to sources other than God and the Bible for information about spiritual reality. Therefore what these gentlemen are doing is not only condemned by the Word of God, but is also clearly anti-biblical.

Now I would like to challenge the Church: In light of this evidence, what are we going to do with the teachings of the Deliverance Ministry? Clearly they have gone beyond Divine Revelation and that is to be condemned, for spiritual reality is not subject to a social sciences approach.

This is a crisis that I would put on a scale with that which Marcion posed to the early church and, though the Church is as fragmented as she is today, we must rally and decide how we are going to deal with this teaching. May God give us the wisdom on how to proceed and the courage we seem to have lost in our academic and clerical circles to do as we must.