The Apostle’s Creed - Part 4

April 2003

I believe in God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth.

Viewing God as the Creator of all that we can see and touch is an inspiring thought. It brings so much depth and meaning to the way this world works together and the evidence for this fact flows through the entire universe. As a matter of fact many scientists who have formerly embraced evolution as a possible theory of origin have been moving away from that towards intelligent design precisely because of the clarity of God’s design in the universe.

God being the maker of all things carries an interesting application with it, though, one that we often do not wish to face. Having made everything, He owns it all! In other words, we’re just borrowers of what is His. We do not own this world, as we like to claim. We are no more than simple stewards of what He has given us. How do we handle that which God has given us? What kind of a steward are you? What kind of a steward am I? God’s creatorship should cause us to reflect on these questions and drive us to be better stewards of everything He made. It is a responsibility that we have as His image — His viceroys — on earth.