Looking Back at “Old” Lessons

October 2005

Every once-in-a-while it’s a good idea to look back at what God has attempted to teach you in the past, and I think birthdays are great for that. Here are some of the things that God has pointed out to me in the last year:

  • It is extremely important to be disciplined and stick to what needs to be done, especially when it’s uncomfortable. I’m re-learning this with my piano playing. (See: Piano Lessons From Laziness)
  • Christ and His Kingdom are paramount in our lives and that is both comfort and challenge as we move through life. (See: For King and Kingdom)
  • In times of despair and doubt, it is extremely important to turn to Scripture and imbibe yourself with truth, because then the valley of tears will become a place of blessing both to you and to others. (See: Despair, Hope, and Psalm 84)
  • If God is willing to do the hard thing because of a magnificent end goal, how much more should we bow our heads and press on with the goals He’s destined us for? (See: God Grits His Teeth)
  • God’s holiness is most important to Him and He will do everything to preserve it. How am I working to present and preserve God’s holiness in my daily life? Can people tell that I’m a child of God by what I do and say? (See: What It’s All About: God’s Holiness)
  • God has given us a wealth of experience in older, more mature believers and we should always ask and listen to them before we do things, because many of them have “been there, done that” and can be wise guides.
  • Singing songs of praise can often help you through difficult times, because they re-focus us on God. (See: Songs of Thanks and Trust)
  • Transcending the mundane takes one part faith, one part daily refocusing, and one part just doing it! (See: Transcending the Mundane)
  • Being holy is an active choice that every Christian must make. We must choose to turn and be like God or else we’ll be overcome by lust. (See: Choosing Holiness)
  • Specific prayer is an absolute necessity to Christian life, because it focuses us on what needs to be done and gives God the opportunity to act in more amazing ways that general prayer does. (See: The Importance of Specific Prayer)
  • God calls us to be generous towards Him and towards others. The blessings that will flow from such generosity will boggle our minds, because God always outdoes us in His generosity! (See: On Generosity)