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A Mermaid ... A Vampire ... An Empress

The town of Southall is under attack by sinister forces as three modern-day witches battle to see who is the greatest. A woman vanishes and returns as a mermaid. A vampire attacks young women, sowing fear and mistrust. And a girl child is taken to awaken an evil force long-forgotten. As the police and private citizens look for answers, the invisible world intersects with the visible and those who stand on the side of the One God must arise for battle.

A real-world Christian fantasy for adults, Witches’ Wager tells a tale of darkness and light, magic and science, fear and faith.

Originally published under the title The Wager using the pen name Josh Malcolm, Witches' Wager has been revised expanded.


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Tales from Carrock • Book 1

Discover to the land of Carrock where magic and technology coexist; and yet it is so much more! Here is a culture that reflects German, French, English, and ancient Celtic cultures, with some elements of the American wild west thrown in.

The Land of Carrock is in disarray!

The young lord, Dylan, has vanished and Alick the Wizard has seized the throne. His mercenaries terrorize the people. Peasants are enslaved and sold for Alick's enrichment. The Genry who stand against Alick are mercilessly persecuted. Transformed into a wolf by his nemesis, Dylan á Carrock watches from the shadows, unable to rescue his lands until he finds the key to his disenchantment, which is held by a mysterious Scholar. Dylan seeks help from his beloved Tabea and her cousin Stev, a traveling merchant, but time is running out as Dylan's human mind battles against his animal instincts. If he does not hurry, the Wolf will overwhelm him and all hope for Carrock will be lost.



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Joseph the son of Jacob is one of the forgotten characters of the Bible. He fades into the background of the manger scenes, eclipsed by the brightness of his wife and her Son. Yet, he is a fascinating man who sacrificed much for the coming of the Messiah.

This brief novella explores the life and character of Joseph the step-father of Jesus Christ. Based on careful research and recent Evangelical biblical scholarship, the story attempts to capture the happenings of the birth of Jesus and place them in their proper cultural and historical context.

The Builder is a wonderful way to prepare yourself for the Christmas season by reflecting on the world and people that Jesus joined when He was born.


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