Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Nabeel Qureshi

Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014.


Nabeel Qureshi tells the story of his journey from being a strong Ahmadiyya Muslim to becoming a committed Christian. The book clearly explains the basics of Islam as well as the particulars of the Ahmadiyya brand of Islam. It also displays on path of how a Muslim who is truly seeking to please God might find his way to Christianity through a close relationship with a committed Christian, careful research of the facts behind both Islam and Christianity, clear reasoning and dreams and visions that God used in his life. There are also a series of essays by well-known Christians explaining their take on the various topics that Dr. Qureshi writes about in his book, giving deeper insight into how God moves among Muslims who seek Jesus.


The book is well-written with many short chapters and very thoughtfully laid out to mark the milestones on Dr. Qureshi’s journey from Islam to Christianity. Insets in the text explaining both Muslim and Christian technical theological language, as well as a glossary in the back, really help bring a better understanding of both faiths. It is an excellent easy read that every Christian in the West should definitely take the time to read deeply, as it will break down barriers between Christians and Muslims living in the West, as well as giving Christians a clear idea of how to witness to their Muslim neighbors. It is especially good to take the time to read each of the essays at the end as soon as one has finished the section that they deal with. (It is a little annoying that the Kindle Edition does not have a link at the end of each essay to return the reader to the end of the section that the essay deals with.)

Dr. Qureshi does not hide the Muslim prejudices against their non-Muslim fellow citizens, but he also highlights how a person with a strong Christian faith is a very important facet of God’s bringing non-Christians to an understanding of what it means to believe in Jesus Christ. It is questionable whether the material in this book is really good for working with Muslims in their homelands or in a refugee situation, as it is focused on the conversion of a Muslim schooled in critical western thought. However, it is still a valuable book and definitely worth the purchase price.