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The Enemy’s powers are far less than we imagine. The Evil One cannot overwhelm us by force. Indeed he can use only the weapons we give him.

— Stephen Lawhead

Bottom Left Corner   Bottom Right Corner is a collection of short stories and musings on faith, Christianity, philosophy, and life, as well as the home of Hawke AI, an e-publishing service.

Pondering the Master

Rise to Joy

April 2015

During this last month, my wife and I have been taking time to read and consider the devotionals in Biola University’s Lent Project. It has been a thought-provoking time and for the first time in my life I’m actually feeling prepared for Resurrection Sunday. As a part of this I went back and read a sermon I wrote last year, called An Ode to the Resurrection in Three Thoughts and in looking at it I was reminded of a key truth: the Resurrection should infuse us with joy, day in day out. I do not always keep this thought in the forefront of my mind, but in considering it, these three thoughts arise:

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees that one day I will rise again. My life is not limited to this short span of sorrow and suffering. I will rise and live with Him eternally! If I “miss out” on something here, who cares? I’ve got a million billion trillion years to make up for anything good (and that is the qualifier!) that I couldn’t see or do on this earth.

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees that this earth will be renewed. This fallen planet is going to be remade in perfection, in glory, in beauty. The risen people of God will enjoy an earth at once utterly familiar and totally new. When we see the sun rise, watch the birds fly, or enjoy the beauty of untouched nature, we’re catching just a little glimpse of New Earth.

Jesus’ resurrection is the motivation to tell others. If I really believe in His resurrection, my resurrection and the renewal of the earth, I won’t want to keep it to myself, but tell others, so they can have a part in the joy. So, let us rejoice and call others to rejoice with them. Have a joy-filling, overflowing-blessing, forward-looking Resurrection Sunday!

Copyright © 2015 J.M. Diener

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