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Lessons from a Mad Prophet

A Seventeen-Week Study of the Book of Ezekiel

J.M. Diener

Diener - Lessons from a Mad Prophet - Cover

Ezekiel is one of the most fascinating books of the Old Testament, its unusual language and imagery having puzzled and inspired Jewish and Christian exegetes alike. This study gives you an overview of the book as well as looking at some of its key passages. Designed as a Sunday School curriculum for sixteen or seventeen weeks, this can also be used as a small-group study guide or for personal enrichment.

This study includes cultural backgrounds, a timeline to date Ezekiel's utterances by, a journal to track your reading of Ezekiel, and seventeen guided studies.

Through this study, Lord willing, you will find yourself deepened in your understanding and appreciation of this unique book and the man who wrote it.

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This book is available for free download from the publisher’s website. It is available both as a study guide and as a workbook edition in PDF format.

The study topics include: 

  • The Historical Background of Ezekiel
  • Ezekiel's Call and Commission (Ezekiel 1:1 - 3:15)
  • Ezekiel's Vision of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 8:1 - 11:25)
  • The Parable of the Child in the Field (Ezekiel 16:1-63)
  • The Lament Over the King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:1-19)
  • The Valley of Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14)
  • The New Israel (Ezekiel 40:1 - 48:35)