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Your Privacy on

There is much ado about privacy (or the lack thereof) on the Internet these days. From the annoying popups mandated by the GDPR to Google's new topics API that allows for advertisers to track your interests without knowing anything about you personally, solutions abound—some better, some worse. Because of this situation, the owner of wants to make the following clear.

  1. does not use third-party analytics services to track its users. Any statistics are gathered in the traditional way by the web site’s server logs and are only accessible by the owner and the web host. This will include the I.P. address you are visiting this site from and your web browser user agent string. While the owner and web host do not intend to share these data in any way, if they are shared, they will only be done so in aggregated form with all individual identifiers stripped away. The only exception is a direct, legal command by local law enforcement to turn over said data. We are, after all, all subject to the authorities over us.
  2. uses a single cookie that may be stored by your browser, which helps remember which visual theme (light or dark) you are using to display the site, if you switch off of the theme determined by your system settings. You can avoid having this cookie placed in your browser by simply not changing the site’s theme.
  3. uses a single third-party, off-site JavaScript library to display Bible reference links called Logos Reftagger. The use of this specific library is governed by the End-User license of the Faithlife corporation. As far as we could determine from our examination of the code, no personally identifiable data is transferred to Faithlife. You can always block this library by using an advertisement blocker.
  4. All fonts, JavaScript libraries, and cascading stylesheets files are hosted locally on None are obtained by content delivery networks.
  5. specifically does not offer any sort of site membership to protect its users from exploitation. Nor does the site owner consider adding any such feature in the future.
  6. The owner of solemnly promises before God to never sell any information about the visitors of this site to anyone. If your data are harvested from this site, it means someone has breached security. Please inform the hosting service at web [at] about this immediately so the we can mitigate any breaches.
  7. The owner and maintainer of does the very best to keep the site and its infrastructure up-to-date and secured. It is always possible, however, that even a secured site can be breached. In that case, you accept in good faith that the owner and maintainer of has done everything in their power to prevent said breach and will not hold them responsible for any damage that has come from accessing the co-opted website. If you find this is the case, please write to web [at] to report the situation, which will be mitigated promptly.

Enjoy your use of in the knowledge that your personal information is safe. Blessings.