Here you will find fictional writings of various lengths. Stories in Biblical fiction are imaginative renderings of Bible characters or events. Short stories contains miscellaneous tales of various lengths (some are not so short...). Stories about Southall and Druin contains some additional material pertaining to J.M. Diener's book Witches' Wager. The Tales from Carrock tell stories about the magical land of Carrock and its inhabitants. Some of these were written to practice writing from a certain perspective or using a certain form, so they may be a bit odd. All items are available both to read in your browser and as a PDF document. If you wish to print any one of these stories, it is better to do so using the PDF documents. recommends using Nitro Reader to view the PDF documents.


Biblical Fiction

A portrait of Joseph, the human step-father of Jesus. This retelling tries to capture the story from a middle-eastern perspective, taking into account the current conservative scholarship regarding the time of Christ.

What did the father of the prodigal son feel? A monologue by the old man concerning his son. This can be read or performed as a one-man play.
An unconventional look at the Christmas story, mostly from the perspective of Gabriel, the messenger angel.
A portrait of Nicodemus, the Pharisee who sought the Messiah.


The Warrior King holds sway over the Seven Nations and all is firmly within his grasp. Relishing his reign of terror, chaos, and war, Elam fears nothing. To him the gods are petty annoyances that merely help solidify his reign and he regards himself as all-powerful. There is no threat to him, save one. An ancient prophecy tells of one who will rise to defeat the Warrior King and reinstate a government of peace and justice. He will dispense Truth to the Nations and teach about the One God, the Creator. He is called the Seer.

The town of Southall is under attack by sinister forces as three modern-day witches battle to see who is the greatest. A woman vanishes and returns as a mermaid. A vampire attacks young women, sowing fear and mistrust. And a girl child is taken to awaken an evil force long-forgotten. As the police and private citizens look for answers, the invisible world intersects with the visible and those who stand on the side of the One God must arise for battle.

Short Stories

What might happen if the Gospel penetrates George Orwell's world as described in 1984 ...?
It has been a year since King Rashiv has overthrown the democratic government of his south-pacific island home, Lorishan. Now he is to be challenged by an American reporter who seeks to show him to the world for what he really is.

Sam Heiligenthal is born with the ability to see people not as they seem but as they are. Is this a gift or is it a curse? Follow Sam as he discovers what his special sight means.

A personification of death and life written for a creative writing class.
A tale from the middle ages based on motifs introduced by Sir Walter Scott: Knight Templar Tristan of Magdala must fight for the life of the Jewess Rachel, who is accused of being a witch.
Is there not adventure enough in our every-day lives that we must flee into fantasy? Some thoughts coming from my own journey into the fantastic.
(or “Healing Laughter”) Mother takes on a malevolent spiritual force and thereby teaches her son, Gordon, a thing or two about courage and the power of laughter in the face of fear.

Stories about Southall and Druin

The Mitchells move up to Southall to get away from it all. But little do they know that the house they have just bought harbors an ancient, deadly secret. Prequel to Witches’ Wager.

Two years have passed since Michelle broke up with Ken. Now she has returned to Southall and Ken must deal with his feelings and their friendship. Sequel to Witches’ Wager.

Tales from Carrock

Three years have passed since Lord Dylan vanished from Carrock and Alick the Sorcerer has taken power. Then, without warning a great Wolf appears in the forests of Carrock, a Wolf bent on revenge.
For ten years now Lord Dylan and Lady Tabea have rule Carrock in peace. But the lady has fallen ill and Roanna has kidnapped the royal children. Dylan's only hope is to turn to his old enemy for help. But will Alick aid him?
Dylan and his friends and children have been cast into the dark labyrinth beneath Damrok and must find a way out before Roanna avenges herself on Tabea and Alick.
Kyle á Carrock has taken Dido from the forest home to his castle, but she is restless and longs for her forests. She is unable to decide between her true love and her beloved home. What will she do?