J.M. Diener


“Reunion” was written to provide the much-needed conclusion to the original version of Witches’ Wager. It was rather unfair of me to leave Ken and Michelle hanging when I completed the novel, so this was the result of my soul-cleansing. It is also interesting how sometimes stories mirror real life in that they throw unintended curveballs your way. There is one relationship in the story which surprised even me as the author, but the interaction between the characters in the novel brought it about as a logical conclusion.

            This version contains the full text of “Reunion”, which has some material left out of the version used as the epilogue of Witches’ Wager. There are some revisions from the original 2002 version as it was brought into line with the 2016 revision of the novel prior to publication. Like the book it sprang from, this is a Christian story for adults, albeit without the fantastic storytelling elements found in the novel. There is much more solid Christian theology and practice that are trying to make a point in this piece than in its parent, so bear with me. But above all, enjoy.


J.M. Diener
January 2016