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Witches’ Wager

J.M. Diener

Diener - Witches’ Wager - Cover

A Mermaid ... A Vampire ... An Empress

The town of Southall is under attack by sinister forces as three modern-day witches battle to see who is the greatest. A woman vanishes and returns as a mermaid. A vampire attacks young women, sowing fear and mistrust. And a girl child is taken to awaken an evil force long-forgotten. As the police and private citizens look for answers, the invisible world intersects with the visible and those who stand on the side of the One God must arise for battle.

A real-world Christian fantasy for adults, Witches’ Wager tells a tale of darkness and light, magic and science, fear and faith.

. . .

Originally published under the title The Wager using the pen name Josh Malcolm, Witches' Wager has been revised and expanded.