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J.M. Diener

J.M. Diener is the pen name of Joshua Wibberley. Originally from Canterbury, Connecticut, Josh has been writing both fiction and non-fiction for many years. As his mother is from Germany and he grew up in the Middle East, Josh has been exposed to many cultures and languages. His multicultural background and fluent command of several languages gives him a unique perspective into all he ponders and pens. He has much experience in working with technology, computers and software development. He holds a Masters degree in Old Testament studies from Columbia International University, which informs his careful scholarship and understanding of the biblical aspects of his writings.

A voracious reader, Josh enjoys many different styles of writing from soft science fiction and fantasy to mysteries to adventures to historical writings, both fictional and non-fictional. His favorite authors early on were C.S. Lewis and Stephen R. Lawhead. While most of his writing is on Christian doctrine and life, Josh enjoys imagining nearby and far-off times and places as evidenced by his fictional writings. He loves a well-tuned phrase, assertive alliteration, the proper use of grammar and realistic tales that impart hope while investigating hurt and healing, as well as history, real or imagined.

“Diener” [DEE-nur] is the German word for “servant” and expresses Josh’s understanding that he is a servant of the living God and does his writing in that consciousness. 

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