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What is a WolfHawke?

J.M. Diener

What is a WolfHawke?

Not what, but who. But let me ask a question. What is a Wolf?

A Wolf, yes. Canis lupus is the Latin name of the most common. A large animal related to our domesticated dogs. But it is wild, mind you. Wolves will run in small packs. They are strong enough to bring down big animals like elk or caribou. But they’ll usually eat smaller animals. They usually mate for life. They’re actually quite shy.

Yes, that’s what a Wolf is. Now who is this Wolf?

Excuse me?

Who is the Wolf? What is his character?

Well, usually he’s seen as vicious and cruel, killing wantonly...

Does he?


Does he – kill wantonly?

Well, no, not really. But he’s aloof, shy. He hides from humans. When he fights he’s incredibly vicious, leaving no quarter.

All right, but these are all negative. Does he have any positive traits?

Positive traits? A Wolf?

Yes. Look, they’re even more than his negative ones! He’s loyal – he’ll mate only once. He’s noble, the lord of the wilderness. He’s quick and has long endurance. He can go for weeks without food. He’s tenacious, quick, and silent. He knows how to seize the moment. And if he did not exist, then the caribou and the elk would never be kept strong by the sick and weak ones being purged from among them. A Wolf is good.


Now, tell me about the Hawk.

But you spell it with an “e” at the end.

So, old English spelling. Tell me.

A Hawk. It’s a small bird of prey related to the falcon. It usually nests in trees. It will target its prey and then attack, following its escape path. It will eat small mammals, insects, reptiles, and things like that... Farmers don’t really like them.

Did you know they mate for life as well?

Really. That’s interesting. I do know that they were often used in falconry.

Trainable, yes?

Why, of course. They also can fly quite high and have excellent eyesight to catch their prey which will often sit still in order not to be noticed. Oh, and they have to be patient, too. It takes long waiting before the prey will move. But what does this have to do with a WolfHawke?

Well, we’ve been talking about character traits, right?


Both of these have many good character traits and similarly many bad ones. Well, I’m very much like both the Wolf and the Hawk in my character. I aspire towards the good traits and try to overcome the bad ones.

But what about things like gentleness, caring, love? These animals surely don’t embody those!

Hm, yes, but God can change even the Wolf and the Hawk to be like that.

So you’re WolfHawke.

Yes, I am. I am WolfHawke – and before you ask, no, this is not a Native American thing. Both the Wolf and the Hawk are also European animals. You might think of it more as a knight’s crest, a knight’s quest to become better and deeper in his walk.

So WolfHawke is...

WolfHawke is a goal, an ideal that really points to a much bigger one... towards my Liege Lord, my King, Yehoshua the Anointed One. And this is my quest: to become more like my Lord and to serve Him better. Perhaps now you will understand...

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