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I love free things on the Internet. Since you're looking at my pages, I believe that you might, too. And I honestly wish that everything out there could be free, including Apple Music, but it's not. Unfortunately there are other people who like free things simply for the reason that they can take them, pretend they created them, and then pass them along for money. Some might call that business savvy, but it really is intellectual robbery. For that reason I find myself forced to take steps to keep people from claiming my intellectual work as their own. Hence this copyright disclaimer.

All of the material on this site is copyrighted by the author(s). What that means is that you may freely read it and download it for your personal use and enjoyment, provided you properly cite the source (see example below). In case of the PDF files you are entitled to the creation one hard copy at a time (in other words, you may print a second hard copy, provided you destroy the first completely). If you wish to pass any selection on to other people, you may do so, provided you pass it on in its entirety without any editing or altering. I would prefer however, that you point those who wish to read my works to my website to download them themselves. I do realize that there still are many people in the world who either aren't on the Internet, or else don't really know how to use it, and so would prefer having things handed to them as hard copy, via e-mail or on a flash drive. If you wish to share with someone like that, feel free to do so, as long  as you cite it correctly and pass on the PDF document (or a printout thereof), unedited and in its entirety. Quotations of 200 words or less can be used in other works or for reviews of content, provided they are properly cited. Any other use requires written permission from the author, which can be obtained by writing to

Regarding the images on this site: Please pay attention to the image credit disclaimers on them. Unless otherwise specified, reserves all Rights to the images, meaning you may not download and use these images elsewhere. Images marked “Used by Permission” have been purchased by the site owners for exclusive use on the site. Please do not download, embed, redistribute these pictures. Links to the copyright owners of the images are in the credit. Please purchase these from the original owners. Any Creative Commons or public domain images are clearly marked, and you are free to use those in accordance with their licenses.

So much for the legal palaver. I hope that you enjoy what is posted here and I would very much enjoy hearing your comments, which you can e-mail

Citation example (MLA):

Diener, J.M. Deliverance Beyond Divine Revelation. 1999. Feb 25, 2023 . <>.

Citation example (Turabian):

Diener, J.M. 1999. Deliverance Beyond Divine Revelation. Internet. Available from; accessed Feb 25, 2023 .