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The Lord and the Han

J.M. Diener

Tales from Carrock • Book 3

Diener - The Lord and the Han - Cover

Discover to the land of Carrock where magic and technology coexist; and yet it is so much more! Here is a culture that reflects German, French, English, and ancient Celtic cultures, with some elements of the American wild west thrown in.

The Land of Carrock is under attack!

The barbarous Han-Halk are massing on the borders of Carrock, ready to invade the lush valleys and majestic hills and make them their own through murder and pillage. Only just returned from saving their children from the clutches of the sorceress Roanna, Lord Dylan and Lady Tabea must make difficult choices as to how to best proceed. While Tabea and Alick the Scholar hurry to Castle Carrock to confer with the Council, Dylan heads to the border only to vanish again. Savoy the Scholar and Lora the Watchcarer are also drawn towards the frontier only to find a new Han has recently taken power. Hampered by the absence of the Lord of Carrock, Savoy and the high marshal of Carrock try to come to an understanding of their enemies' culture, which decrees that the salvation of the Land of Carrock lies in the person of Tabea á Carrock and the presence of the white wolf.