The Sorceress and the Labyrinth

J.M. Diener
The Sorceress and the Labyrinth

Tales from Carrock • Book 2

Discover to the land of Carrock where magic and technology coexist; and yet it is so much more! Here is a culture that reflects German, French, English, and ancient Celtic cultures, with some elements of the American wild west thrown in.

The heirs of Carrock have been kidnapped!

Ten years have passed since Dylan and Tabea defeated Alick in the Battle of the Wolf and Roanna escaped from Castle Carrock. Now she has returned, plotting her revenge. While Tabea fights an insidious illness, Roanna abducts Dylan and Tabea’s two children, taking them to the dark castle of Damrok. Even with the aid of Savoy the Scholar, Dylan is forced to seek out the aid of an old enemy to breach the gates, navigate the Labyrinth of Death, and resurrect an ancient power to save his family from the schemes of the sorceress. In Dylan’s absence the Council of Carrock struggles to respond to a threat brewing on their border as some of their members use the power vacuum to plot treachery against their lord.


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