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IV. The Faith Matrix

In addition to our human short-comings comes the point that our systems should be based on faith18 , not on logic. Faith is what really drives every human being, it is central to his or her life. We base everything we do and say on certain propositional mores that we hold to be true, things that usually can’t be fully corroborated by hard facts. I like to call this group of propositional mores the faith matrix.

The faith matrix of one human being can strongly differ from his or her beliefs, because we will often say one thing, but do another. It is our actions that prove what is in our faith matrix and thus our faith matrix will affect our theological system much more than our mind will, because it is much more fundamental than our mind.

Often the pride of our system and our finding our security in our system are an integral part of our faith matrix that we deny. What we truly believe will manifest itself in the way we respond to threats to our system of theology or the way that we will act in an every-day situation.

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