Air for the Potato Gun

May 2013

Recently I was talking with a short-term coworker who was telling me about how his time in ministry was a mountaintop experience. As we discussed this, the Lord gave me an interesting picture in regards to the relationship of the excitement that mountaintop experiences produce and how they relate to the drudgery of everyday life. If the Christian life is like a potato gun, in which we are supposed to achieve a launch in the direction God desires, the mountaintop highs can be equated to the compressed air in the cylinder of the potato gun. The positive emotion can launch us forward on a new and better trajectory, if we make sure that we use it as impetus for change. However, most of the time we just let the emotion fizzle, like bleeding off the compressed air and the end result is little to no change. How do I use the positive emotion from a good mountaintop experience (a conference, seminar, worship time)? Am I allowing myself to be propelled forward or am I letting it fizzle?