Along for the Ride

May 2011

It’s interesting how often God brings me back around to lessons He impressed upon me in the past. I am a little bit of a control freak and it comes out at the oddest times. We just had a guest come visit and there was some confusion when I tried to pick him up for the airport. After tearing around the airport looking for him and worrying myself into a frenzy, God finally brought us together and all was well.

While conversing with our guest afterwards, he gave a great analogy of what our attitude towards life should be. It is like taking a family vacation as a child. Daddy has made all the plans. He knows when and where we’re going, how it’s going to be paid for. He is in the driver’s seat. All we know is that we’re going on vacation. We don’t have to worry about the details; we just can enjoy the trip trusting in Daddy to get us there safely.

That is the Christian life. God our Father is in the driver’s seat. We’re simply along for the ride. So let’s enjoy the journey and let Daddy do the worrying.