The Apostle’s Creed - Part 2

January 2003

I believe in God the Father.

The first four words of this creed are very easy for many humans to say. I believe in God. But we believe that God is more than that. God is the Father. Stop and say that out loud. God is my Father. The Supreme Being of the universe, the creator of all calls Himself our father.

Many of us have differing father images. My father has always been close and loving, spurring me on. Others have had fathers who have abandoned them or hurt them deeply. However, no matter what our human fathers were like, God is the ultimate father. He will always protect, always guide, always discipline, always seek our best. We do not like to believe that. We’d rather have a god that is a genie in the lamp, doing our bidding. But God is Father and that means that He knows best, as the adage goes.

As His children, we can come to Him at any time, in any circumstance and He will have time for us. That is an amazing thought!