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The Battle of Sunday Worship

J.M. Diener

May 2019

Sunday service was more than bland this week. Too many unfamiliar songs that didn’t fit together, an unbalanced sound mix, a song leader who couldn’t make good connections between the segments, children clinging to me and distracting me. The sermon was good, but the experience as a whole was not. I came away mildly challenged, but not at all lifted up, as I usually am after Sunday worship. How could that be?

This situation reminded me of a discussion I recently had with another friend who was working through the same thing. We are both people with high standards, so dissonance, disconnectedness and lack of flow during worship disrupt our focus. During that talk, I was reminded how Satan is a pragmatist and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep us away from God. One or the places he’ll attempt to distract us the most is during Sunday morning worship. That time is meant for focusing on God Himself, giving Him the glory He deserves, stepping out of myself and my needs and basking in His presence. Yet, it feels more like a battle than a time of rest. For worship on this fallen planet is a battle. We struggle against the flesh that hates the light, the world that demands our attention and the devil whose very purpose is to steal God’s glory for himself. We should not be surprised at the struggle it takes to focus on Him and we should head to church knowing that it will take effort to have a good time of worship. What are some things that you do to prepare yourself so that you can give God the attention He deserves on Sunday morning?

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