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Childlike Courage

J.M. Diener

June 2010

In reading about David’s encounter with Goliath (1Sa. 17), I was struck anew by something: David's youth. He is the youngest of seven brothers, of which only three are over 20 years of age. If we assume that all seven brothers were born to one woman, then the oldest that David could be during this incident is 15. And yet, look at what he does: he speaks with such audacity to men twice his age who are trembling in their boots. His faith and his courage are fresh, maybe even a little naïve from the standpoint of a 30-something who is now worldly-wise. But God uses him, not just to slay a giant, but to spur on his fellow Israelites to conquer.

David at this young age is what a childlike Christian ought to be: guileless in faith and courage. He doesn’t care what others think, he just knows God is big and he knows that God can protect, so, with a devil-may-care attitude, he steps up and does what must be done. Can I do this same thing? How can I shed my worldly-wise attitude and regain a fresh, youthful courage and childlike faith?

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