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Christmas Weaponry

J.M. Diener

December 2009

I was speaking with my father the other day and he made an interesting observation about the importance of Christmas from the standpoint of the spiritual war that is going on in the heavenlies. From a strategic point of view, God opened a new beach-head by sending the Son to become a man. Jesus of Nazareth was born sinless, allowing God to recreate the situation in the Garden of Eden. Thus the Second Adam was tested as was the First—and He succeeded where His predecessor failed. Through Jesus’ triumph over the temptations thrown at him by the Enemy (Mt. 4:1-11; 26:36-44), He made it possible to give us a series of potent weapons against which the world, the flesh and the Devil have no defense. The first of these is the Holy Spirit (see Jn. 14:16ff). Along with the empowerment, advice, consolation and support of the Spirit, He gives us the weaponry Paul describes in Ephesians 6:10-18. And all of this was only possible, because God stooped to become man. Yes, Christmas was D-Day to the spiritual battle and the final blow was struck on Good Friday, some 33 years later. Now as the Enemy fights his rear-guard actions, we can be certain that the day of final victory will arrive (Rev. 19-20). Remember that this Christmas and be encouraged!

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