Have You Thought About Heaven Today?

August 2013

I recently finished reading Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven (Kindle Edition. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2011) and it has gotten me really excited. It is a little bit of a difficult read, but definitely worth it. His novels and children’s book are far more accessible, but the theological thoughts and implications of the biblical truths presented are very compelling. Also, while I will not agree with all of his speculation, I find that much of that helps excite me about our new home. Randy points out at the end of his book, “If we understand what ‘a new heaven and a new earth’ means, we will look forward to it. (And if we’re not looking forward to it, we must not yet understand it.)” (Kindle Locations 8613-8615)

My biggest takeaway from the book was this: Am I thinking about heaven every day? I’ve been trying to make it a practice and I find that anticipating my new home – my new, physical, perfect, beautiful home with my Lord – is helping me keep focus and be more cheerful. When we live in the light of heaven, we find that the disappointments and disillusionments of life are no longer worth dwelling on. This world is passing away. I’m going home. And it’s such an awesome place that I want to take all my friends and loved ones with me! I don’t have to worry about the little aggravations of life, because, in the light of Heaven, they’re just a “momentary light affliction [that] is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory.” (2Co. 4:17 – HCSB)

Have you thought about Heaven today? I challenge you to do so. Use your imagination. Think, dream Eternity with God. And then take that goal and use it to spur you onward to greater things for His kingdom.