Preparing for Passion Week

March 2015

It has often struck me how quickly Resurrection Sunday sneaks up on us. This doesn’t really happen with Christmas, because of all of the commercial and religious lead-up to it (Advent season, Christmas concerts, decorations, etc.). However, spring comes and ... suddenly Easter. And I’m not prepared for it spiritually or emotionally.

Then I discovered Lent, Easter’s cognate to Advent season. For forty days before Resurrection Sunday the traditional churches prepare themselves for the celebration the Passion Week and for the glory of the Resurrection. It is a time of reflection and introspection so that when the day comes, we experience the fullness of Passion Week and Resurrection Sunday with our whole being: mind, will and emotions.

Last year we spent the four Sundays before Easter opening Resurrection Eggs with the kids and talking about what it meant for Jesus to die and rise again. Even this little bit caused me to be much more excited for Resurrection Sunday when it rolled around. This year Sarah and I are taking it deeper by following the devotionals in Biola University’s Lent Project. So far it has encouraged us to seriously think about our spiritual walk as well as Christ Himself as He walks towards the cross. The written devotional speaks to the mind, while the accompanying art, music and videos speak to our emotions as well, bringing our whole being into worship as we prepare.

As Christ resolutely set His face towards Jerusalem (Lk. 9:51) and saw the joy set before Him (Heb. 12:1-2), so let us resolutely set our faces towards the Passion Week and Resurrection Sunday. We invite you to join us as we make our way to the cross and the open tomb beyond. We wish you a blessed Lenten season!