Resurrection Joy

May 2006

Every time Resurrection Sunday (a.k.a. Easter) rolls around I find myself pondering the wonder of this, the most singular event in cosmic history. Jesus Christ died. Fine, everyone dies. Some even die gruesome, undeserved deaths like He did. In that way He was actually no different from other humans. But what makes this death unique is what happened three days later early in the morning. The first and only human in the history of the universe rose again ... for good.

That is what Resurrection Sunday is about. It’s not about Jesus death per se. It’s about the fact that He’s alive. And here’s where the rubber meets the road for us. When Resurrection Sunday rolls around the operative word should be par-tay! We’re celebrating the event that makes our faith what it is. Paul wrote: “[I]f Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.” (I. Corinthians 15:17 – NASB)

Jesus Christ’s resurrection ought to make us dance and sing for joy constantly. What a hope we have! He is risen and that guarantees we will rise again, too!

So our Resurrection Sunday celebrations should be the most central celebration of the whole year, far more important than Christmas, outweighing Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Pentecost. Ponder that in this next year and rejoice in the certainty of your resurrection every day.