Rise to Joy

April 2015

During this last month, my wife and I have been taking time toread and consider the devotionals in BiolaUniversity’s Lent Project. It has been a thought-provoking time and for thefirst time in my life I’m actually feeling prepared for Resurrection Sunday. Asa part of this I went back and read a sermon I wrote last year, called An Ode to theResurrection in Three Thoughts and in looking at it I was reminded of a keytruth: the Resurrection should infuse us with joy, day in day out. I do notalways keep this thought in the forefront of my mind, but in considering it,these three thoughts arise:

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees that one day I will riseagain. My life is not limited to this short span of sorrow and suffering. Iwill rise and live with Him eternally! If I “miss out” on something here, whocares? I’ve got a million billion trillion years to make up for anything good(and that is the qualifier!) that I couldn’t see or do on this earth.

Jesus’ resurrection guarantees that this earth will berenewed. This fallen planet is going to be remade in perfection, in glory, inbeauty. The risen people of God will enjoy an earth at once utterly familiarand totally new. When we see the sun rise, watch the birds fly, or enjoy thebeauty of untouched nature, we’re catching just a little glimpse of New Earth.

Jesus’ resurrection is the motivation to tell others. If Ireally believe in His resurrection, my resurrection and the renewal of theearth, I won’t want to keep it to myself, but tell others, so they canhave a part in the joy. So, let us rejoice and call others to rejoice withthem. Have a joy-filling, overflowing-blessing, forward-looking ResurrectionSunday!