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A Sermon of Songs

J.M. Diener

July 2017

These days I have been struggling with the everyday pressures of life, especially when it comes to dealing with our annual bureaucratic wrangling for a residency permit. So the Lord gave me a pick-me-up in the form of a sermon in a series of songs by Hawk Nelson. I’d bought their album Diamonds (Fair Trade/Columbia, 2015) a while back and this morning was led to listen to the album again and through their bouncy music was reminded of some wonderful truths as expressed in their lyrics below.

Here and now I’m in the fire, in above my head // Being held under the pressure, don’t know what’ll be left // But it’s here in the ashes I’m finding treasure.

He’s making diamonds, diamonds, He’s making diamonds out of dust // He is refining and in His timing, He’s making diamonds out of us

I’ll surrender to the power of being crushed by love // ‘Til the beauty that was hidden isn’t covered up. // It’s not what I hoped for: it’s something much better!1

So go ahead and live like you’re loved // It’s okay to act live you’ve been set free // His love has made you more than enough // so go ahead and be who He made you to be // and live like you’re loved!2

If You got a lot or a lotta nothin’ // Go ahead and thank God for something! // Your gonna see the good if you’re good at lookin’ // So go ahead and thank God for something!

In the wonder, in the heartache // in the good times and the mistakes // No matter what I am going through, I can always say thank you! // When the blessings are in disguise, let gratitude open my eyes // I’ve just been given too much to do anything but … count my blessings!3

I can count on You, when my strength’s not enough // You, when I’m lookin’ for love // You, when I’m standing on the edge and I’ve got nothing left.4

I was made to live, I was made to live, I was made to live for You! // I was born for this, not to just exist. // I was made to live for You!5

You can listen to the album on Spotify or other streaming services, or even better, buy it so that these guys can keep making good sermons in song.

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