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Seven Churches: Seven Christians

J.M. Diener

February 2009

Our daily reading brought us to Revelation chapters 2 and 3. As I read through these two chapters, I made a list of the seven churches and their characteristics as presented by the Risen One.

  • Smyrna and Philadelphia are the faithful sufferers about whom the Lord has nothing bad to say.
  • Ephesus is generous and industrious for the Lord but has lost her first love.
  • Pergamum stands firm in the face of iniquity yet compromises with the world.
  • Thyatira reflects love, faith, patience and godly service yet listens to false prophets.
  • Sardis is a dead church that pretends to be alive.
  • Laodicea is indifferent, rich, self-centered and without Christ!

As I completed the list I wrote this heading across the top of the list: “Which church am I?” The characteristics of these churches mirror the characteristics of those of us who are followers of Jesus. Each of us is similar to these fellowships. I find myself very similar to Ephesus. I am industrious and generous, but I struggle with my first love for Jesus.

What church are you? Be honest. Knowing where you stand will help you better understand what God wants to do in you. And remember, that our Lord has some amazing promises for those who overcome.

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