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The Creator and the Creature

J.M. Diener

August 2023

As a techie, I often follow the many discussions regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and the hysteria surrounding the idea that one day AI could supplant us. Considering the dominant world view espoused by the tech press, it is not surprising that they would have such thoughts. After all, the creation story of atheistic or deistic humanism, Darwinian evolution, posits that those who are stronger survive, as they get better and better over time. Humanism, which is the unofficial majority religion of western civilization, and its child positivism see us as being on an ever-ascending spiral staircase; thus, humans are merely the latest link in an endless chain of upward transformation. As a result, one day, something will evolve that will supplant humans as the supreme beings on planet earth. What is there to prevent a self-aware digital entity we created in a supercomputer from being that something? According to this the creature can—and likely will—transcend the creator.

However, in the Christian worldview this is impossible; for in our understanding of things physical and metaphysical, the creature is always inferior to the creator. When we look at how God has created us, we are described as being created in the image of God (see Ge. 1:26-27; Ps. 8:4-6). We reflect God; but we are not God. We are lesser than him. Thus, since we as creatures are lesser than the Creator and we reflect him, anything we create will be lesser than us. From the Christian worldview a human will never be able to create an AI that supersedes him or her. Perhaps the Devil might one day use the gullibility of humanity to speak to us through an AI construct, but he’s already doing just fine even without that tech.

So, do not fear that we will ever be superseded by any of our creations. The Bible shows us that spiral is going downward, not upward. We don’t evolve, we devolve. The news shows us that with each passing day humanity becomes less like God and more like beasts. Thankfully, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has already pulled those of us who believe in him out of that spiral and raised us up to the heavenlies with himself (Eph. 2:6-7). Thus, we can once more reflect the image of God to this broken world, becoming better and more human each day through the power of the Holy Spirit. And one day—one day our Lord will bring us into a new world where there will never be another downward spiral.

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