Pondering the Master

“Pondering the Master” is a series of devotional thoughts by J.M. Diener as he reflects on life, God, and the various things he is learning in his walk with God. Click on a link below to visit a devotional. The Pondering the Master entries are usually updated monthly. You can sort the entries by date or by title, ascending or descending. Click on the links at the top of the table to sort them.

Titlesort descending Date
Interweave August 2007
It’s Complicated September 2020
Knowing God October 2003
Learning to Use Your Powers April 2014
Limits March 2011
Living Out of Our True Source of Worth September 2022
Living Total Truth January 2020
Looking Back at “Old” Lessons October 2005
Losers! January 2004
Masterstroke May 2004
Mountaintops and Valleys October 2001
Mountaintops and Valleys November 2005
Myrrh December 2018
No Fear April 2001
No Regrets August 2019
No Rights, Only Privileges May 2021
Not Being Good March 2016
On Evildoers May 2002
On Generosity September 2005
On Worship September 2003
Only the Strong Are Gentle May 2016
Out of Drought October 2016
Passion and Prayer August 2000
Passion and Prayer August 2000
Perceived Weakness – True Power March 2010